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pune smart week

event design, brand management and execution

It was a rare open yet challenging brief to conceptualize, curate and create ‘one of its kind city level artvaganza’ within less than month- An initiative by Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited. The intent of creating human centric spaces to strength social inclusion was exciting, since it was subject we passionately believed in and yet sadly lacking in cities of India. With the definition of new town centres rapidly moving into swanky alienated malls, we have also been witnessing a down fall of open public spaces that are meant for communities and cultural activities.

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Step one was to firstly create a strong visual connect that becomes inviting, festive with a strong visual appeal supported with a strong functional  proposition. The motto #artforall / कला सर्वांसाठी. followed by communication of COME.CONNECT.CELEBRATE rapidly caught vigor.

The city started looked upbeat with the trademark pillars and venue gates made from reused construction scaffolding with vibrant fabric interwoven, creating an interesting interplay of form, colour and light. This design language was further converted into the stage backdrops of the grande events. This conveyed a larger message, that good design should symbolize the spirit of creativity and sustainability. 

Further to this intent the public art installations and art arch competitions created signified the very ethos of the changing perception of art, which from an object of appreciation or possession, is now becoming an immersive experience like the Tunnel of Future where the audiences should pause, wonder and engage with. Art also means integrating technology, which has been manifested through the Music Wall which was a sensor-based interactive wall, and an example of how technology and art should merge together to create a connect with citizens at large. The collaborative effort of other teams onto events, programmes, exhibitions and demos and street art fair brought the city alive true to the purpose.